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SHH Industries brings back the vintage genuine-aged top-grain leather bag gloves that legends for decades have relied on for championship results and extended wear. Traditional full palm lace style gloves assure a snug, custom fit with extra wrist support for dominating the heavy bag, punch mitts, shields, double end bags and more. Crafted with almost 2” of multi-layered foam that provides a conforming impact resistant fist layer, high density mid layer and medium density shock absorbing outer layer for the best protection and winning results. Full poly-satin inside hand liner is ultra-comfortable, extremely durable and moisture-repellent to keep perspiration from entering the gloves during intense workout sessions – helping keep gloves weight correct.

Material: Cowhide Leather
Weight: 10 OZ, 12 OZ, 14 OZ, 16 OZ, 18 OZ

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